Which recognize and celebrate Canadian health research and innovation excellence.

– Dr. Nizar Mahomed, of the University Wellness Network in Toronto, who led a united team involving some 35 hospitals that introduced new methods for hip and knee operation. These procedures reduced wait times, cut rehabilitation stays and dramatically improved patient outcomes. – Dr. Stephen Moses, of the University of Manitoba, who demonstrated the potency of man circumcision in reducing the transmitting of HIV in Africa. – Dr. Fred Possmayer, of the University of Western Ontario, who developed a technique to purify and sterilize lung surfactant – a element that allows lungs to expand and breathe – so it could be used in premature infants to greatly improve their chances of survival.Sales for organic meat had been up 13 percent from 2010. On a global scale, organic food product sales have increased a lot more than 5 billion each year, with organic meats leading the true way. The demand for purer meat is the people’s rejection of cruel animal treatment, antibiotic overprescription and the misuse of questionable growth drugs. People around the global world are calling out for better handling of meats and more natural processing. Good news is along the way for organic meat creation. As reported in the Journal of Food Technology, pecan shell extract could make a viable antimicrobial preservative for organic meats.