This result into serious and immediate heart muscle tissues weaknesses.

Various medicines are available pharmacy market to treat this fatal condition from which a well-specialized doctor may recommend a few of them collectively. Remedies that are utilized for curing this condition are – corticosteroids , anticoagulants , diuretics , electrolytes, medicines used for slowing heartrate & lowering blood pressure . They are surgeries available that could cure cardiomyopathy surgically implanted gadget , septal myectomi, & heart transplant.. Cardiomyopathy causes enlarged heart muscles & eject its strength People do get have problems with burden of work & this cause people to get involved into immense emotional & physical stress.The herbal products used for natural ayurvedic treatment of arthritis are asthisanhar, suranjan, chobchini, long , jaiphal, rigni, guggul, ashwagandha, nirgundi, ghavpatta, nagkesar, piplamul, haritki, rasna, nag bhasm, ramayphal and godanti gadtal bhasm . These herbs are mixed in the best proportions in Rumacure capsules, an ayurvedic herbal preparation declaring to confer immense benefit to those suffering from arthritis.