Customer Testimonials

We Love Our Customers And It Shows.

“Here are just a few examples of some of the kind words our customers are saying about The Hearing Shoppes. At The Hearing Shoppes, we pride ourselves on personal customer service and complete satisfaction. We want to ensure that your visit with us is easy and worry free, that’s why we offer The Hearing Shoppes’ Worry-Free Warranty which means we always have you covered. Don’t just take our word for it, see what others are saying about The Hearing Shoppes! Give The Hearing Shoppes an hour, and we’ll change your life.”

“Communication with my customers, vendors and employees is crucial to the success of my business. In recent years, family and friends were becoming more frustrated as I found myself frequently asking them to repeat themselves because of my inability to hear them clearly. At 52 years old, I thought myself too young to have hearing aids, but it was obvious that I needed to get serious about my hearing loss.

The professionals at The Hearing Shoppes implemented their philosophy of consultation, evaluation and fitting. Having been fitted with the new miniature dot hearing instruments, I realize how much I have been missing for several years. I feel like I now have the hearing that I had 10 years ago, and no one even knows I’m wearing the aids unless I tell them. I can’t thank The Hearing Shoppes enough for restoring the WOW effect of hearing clearly again!”


“Much of my life’s satisfaction is derived from working as a youth pastor in my community. The noise level can vary greatly during some of our intense conversations. I began having difficulty hearing some of the specific points people would raise during our talks.

A friend recommended that I have a professional from The Hearing Shoppes give me an opinion about my hearing issue. After a thorough consultation and evaluation, it was suggested that I try the high-tech hearing instrument called the dot.

My family has noticed the volume on the television has dropped considerably and the youth group definitely feels like I am entirely engaged. Though initially hesitant to wear an aid because of my age, I now realize the dot’s size is so small no one notices unless I show them.”


“I am very pleased to offer my thanks to the Hearing Shoppes in Roseville, Minn. I recently purchased a new ReSound hearing aid to replace a different type that was giving me problems. I was very impressed with the entire staff especially Michelle Lang and of course Hannah. Michelle is a true professional and made me feel very comfortable with the testing and fitting. I will definitely return there for any future hearing needs.”


“After wearing hearing aids from Medicare for twelve years, I noticed that my hearing was getting increasingly worse. Not only that, but they were uncomfortable and plugged up my ears. I knew, with all of the new technology on the market, that there must be something better out there.

My friends started ignoring me because they got tired of constantly repeating themselves. Aside from my loss in the conversation area, I also knew that my loss was distorted in music, which is a huge part of my life and I was so saddened that I was becoming more and more isolated and less social. I knew that I was missing a lot in life.

I answered an ad in the newspaper about state-of-the-art hearing aids that The Hearing Shoppes were offering and immediately called the Minnetonka store. The next day, I was in with Tony looking at new hearing aids.

After his diagnosis of a unique hearing loss, a lot of patience, diligence and hard work, I now have a pair of hearing aids that have restored what I’ve been missing. I’m grateful for The Hearing Shoppes, a financing plan that I can afford and my Widex aids. I can hear things that I have never heard before. It really is a new life!”


“The combination of quality products, reasonable prices, outstanding personal service and unbeatable professionalism makes the Hearing Shoppes the leader in providing hearing solutions. You will rarely find any team in any business that is as dedicated to customer satisfaction as are the pros at the Hearing Shoppes.

I have had a lifetime of hearing problems, taken countless hearing tests, and have dealt with many audio specialists. Without question, the knowledge, care and ability to tailor a solution to fit your needs makes the Hearing Shoppes a great choice for anyone seeking to improve their quality of life.”