A Personal Consultation With The Hearing Shoppes

The Hearing Shoppes want to make sure anyone with hearing loss understands that they don’t have to live with hearing loss anymore, and nobody needs to know they are wearing hearing aids. 

For this reason The Hearing Shoppes encourages anyone who thinks they may have a hearing loss to sign up for a hearing screening and consultation. 

Because we believe so strongly in making sure people with hearing loss get the attention they deserve there is no cost for these services. The best case scenario is that they don’t have a hearing loss and we now have a good baseline test to compare to for future tests. 

If we find that the patient does have hearing loss we can then begin our counseling process to determine the best solution to their needs. 

Our consultation includes a detailed conversation explaining exactly what our Audiologists are going to do for the patient. We then utilize a Digital Video Otoscope to make sure that there are no wax issues or physical damage to the ear. After a clear otoscopy we perform a comprehensive auditory test including speech recognition and speech understanding tests. 

When all of the testing is complete we utilize our large flat panel video equipment to fully evaluate and explain the results of the tests with each patient and discuss solutions for their hearing loss and our commitment to the patient.