Rx 1 Walgreens Pharmacy Manager Joshua Montney.

Can you browse the prescription? ANSWERS Rx 1: 1) Relafen 500 mg tablets: Take 2 tablets PO twice daily #120; 2) Zanaflex 4 mg tablets: Take 2 tablets PO three times daily as needed #180; 3) Cymbalta 60 mg capsules: Take 1 capsule PO twice daily #60; 4) Tramadol 50 mg tablets: Take 2 tablets PO 3 times daily as needed #180; 5) Neurontin 600 mg tablets: Take 2 tablets PO three times daily as required #180 Rx 2: Lasix 40 mg, # 60, 1 tablet alternating 1 and ½ pill. Browse the answers CAN YOU READ THESE RXS? Send in your eye-straining, baffling prescriptions—now via e-mail and fax along with regular mail! Submissions must include a clean photocopy or scanned image of the Rx; your organization’s location and name; your name and title; the right name of the drug, strength, and dosing requirements; and your contact number.Only from that acceptance perform you stand a potential for excelling. But let’s hear David McCullough say it in his very own words. You can view his jaw-dropping speech at: The written text of David McCullough Jr’s senior high school graduation speechDr. Wong, Dr. Keough, Mrs. Novogroski, Ms. Curran, people of the panel of education, friends and family of the graduates, gentlemen and women of the Wellesley High School class of 2012, for the privilege of talking with you today, I am honored and grateful. Thank you. So here we are. Commencement. Life’s great forward-searching ceremony. But this ceremony. Commencement. A commencement functions every time. From this day forward. Really. In sickness and in health, through economic fiascos, through midlife crises and passably attractive product sales reps at industry events in Cincinnati, through diminishing tolerance for annoyingness, through every difference, irreconcilable and normally, you will remain forever graduated from high school, you as well as your diploma as one, ’til death do you part.