Behind-The-Ear Hearing Aids (BTE)


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World’s Most Advanced Hearing Technology

Designed specifically for minimal high frequency loss, the ReSound AIR features a transparent sound delivery tube that follows the contours of your ear, so there is no plastic mold in your outer ear.


ReSound Azure is the most advanced Warp Processing hearing aid in the world.

ReSound X-plore™ is an exciting new hearing instrument designed to keep up with your active lifestyle.  It provides complete, all-around support. You will get specialized features geared toward easy acceptance, managing outdoor and physical elements, and providing ideal sound quality in any environment. 

Key features include:

• Improve focus on conversation in noisy situations with MultiScope™ Adaptive Directionality
• Enjoy outdoor activities more:
Active Wind Stop™  specifically suppresses the sound of wind
• Extended battery life keeps you going: 330 hours from a single battery
• High-end technology at a reasonable price

ReSound Ziga is a new hearing instrument from ReSound. There’s a ReSound Ziga model for any ear and preference.

From tiny completely-in-the-canal (CIC) models to discreet and highly sophisticated behind-the-ear (BTE) instruments, you’ll find ReSound Ziga provides an excellent answer to your hearing needs.

The new ReSound Ziga comes in a whole rainbow of colors and textures,
so you can be sure that there will be one to suit your
own personal style.

Key features include:

• Adaptive Directionality provides great speech understanding in noise by reducing surrounding sounds and noise from the rear
• SoftSwitching™ automatically switches between omni-directional and directional modes
• 9-band Warp™ compression provides great sound quality based on fast processing and accurate resolution

ReSound Essence™ is the most customizable, longest-lasting hearing instrument in its class.

ReSound Essence™ is the ideal hearing instrument for budget conscious consumers. Based on tried and tested technology, ReSound Essence delivers everything you need to enhance your quality of life.

Key features include:

• 6 Adjustable gain handles
• Power-saving chip technology — for extended battery life
• 3 Customizable programs for your unique hearing needs and optimal sound quality and comfort
• 6-band Warp™ compressor
• NoiseTracker™ noise reduction
• Dual Stabilizer™ DFS feedback manager
• Dual microphone technology
• Manual volume control
• Low battery indicator
• Push button with up to 3 listening programs