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The business is exploring a variety of compounds and immunotherapeutic approaches for patients with various kinds of cancer, and the forming of the II-ON is an important example of the company’s commitment to the area of research.. Bristol-Myers Squibb forms International Immuno-Oncology Network Bristol-Myers Squibb Company today announced the formation of the International Immuno-Oncology Network , a worldwide collaboration between market and academia that aims to help expand the scientific understanding of immuno-oncology. Immuno-oncology targets the potential of harnessing the intelligence of the body’s own disease fighting capability to fight cancer.Infants with shaken baby syndrome – the most typical cause of severe traumatic brain injuries in young children – tend to be misdiagnosed because doctors rarely receive a history that an infant provides been shaken, the individuals are too youthful to talk, and the symptoms such as for example fussiness and vomiting are common in lots of childhood illnesses. Infants who are misdiagnosed could be inadvertently came back to a violent caretaker and be re-injured, sometimes with fatal consequences.