Cancer cells can only just survive and thrive off of glucose and amino acid fermentation.

This enables them to gobble up glucose and other nutrients from the blood stream at an accelerated rate. The metabolism of essential fatty acids results in ketones that regular cells can utilize but tumor cells cannot. These ketone bodies give a great anti-inflammatory energy source for the body that also starves the cancer cells from their nutrient demands. Ketones fuel regular cells and starve tumor cellsDr. Seyfried’s research has shown that optimum blood sugar for tumor starvation are between 55-65 mg/dl and ketone amounts should get right up over 3mM and stay under 7mM. This is done through a process of fasting and fueling with healthful fat sources without any carbohydrates for an interval of three or more to ten times.This indication is certainly approved under accelerated authorization based on a decrease in unbound dabigatran and normalization of coagulation parameters in healthful volunteers. Continued approval because of this indication could be contingent upon the full total results of a continuing cohort case series research. We are very very happy to present PRAXBIND, the first particular reversal agent for a novel oral anticoagulant, authorized by the FDA right now, stated Sabine Luik, MD, senior vice president, Medication & Regulatory Affairs, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Inc.