Amgen and Watson to collaborate on biosimilar anti-cancer drugs By Dr Ananya Mandal.

A lot of people have no idea that bananas are an excellent way to obtain energy. 2 bananas can provide a human more than enough energy to accomplish a 90min non-e stop workout. That’s the amount of energy is loaded into them and they are clearly all organic. Its character and it’s designed to be that way. For a long period I was dependent on coffee which everyone knows is hurtful to your body. It isn’t the caffeine that is the dilemma like the majority of people claim however the bean itself.Â.

Alzheimer’s rates expected to triple by 2050 The amount of people coping with Alzheimer’s disease is likely to triple by 2050, a fresh study shows. The increase has been driven by an ageing baby boomer population and could place a huge burden on the medical care system, based on the study’s authors. Alzheimer’s disease: 7 points that raise your risk Experts have pinpointed modifiable risk factors for leading type of dementia Our study draws attention to an urgent dependence on more research, treatments and preventive ways of reduce this epidemic, research author Jennifer Weuve, an assistant professor of medication at Hurry Institute for Healthy Aging in Chicago, said in a news release.