The Philosophy Of The Hearing Shoppes

For seven years prior to starting The Hearing Shoppes, Matt Mattis traveled the country as a representative of the third largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world. In those seven years he spent time in more than 3000 audiology and hearing aid dispensing locations, he also saw many different philosophies of treating patients both good and bad. 

The Hearing Shoppes have taken the best that Matt has seen in those seven years and created one model that is 100% focused on our patients needs. Our patients notice from the minute they walk through our door that we are different than what they have experienced before or what they expected in an Audiology/Hearing Aid clinic. 

Our goal is to make our patients understand that they don’t have to live with hearing loss anymore, and it doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience having their hearing loss diagnosed and treated. We have created a boutique like atmosphere for our patients in order for them to feel like they are in their living room rather than a sterile clinical environment. 

We also believe that our patients need to be given realistic expectations as to how we are going to give them better hearing. We do this utilizing the most advanced diagnostic and digital equipment in the industry. We also have the ability to turn our multi media fitting suite into many different real world situations in order for our patients to experience how they are going to hear better with amplification. 

At The Hearing Shoppes our goal is to make sure that every patient who comes through our door with hearing loss, leaves with a solution for better hearing.

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